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Principal Investigator

Cristina Santos, Ph.D.

Graduated in Industrial Electronics Engineering in 1994, received the M.Sc. degree in 1998 and the Ph.D. degree in 2003, all from the University of Minho, Guimarães, Portugal. Her PhD thesis work was in cooperation with the Centre National de Recherche Scientific(CNRS–CNRC) Marseille, France. She is an Auxiliar Professor at the University of Minho, Industrial Electronics Department, Portugal. She was the principal investigator of more than 10 research projects in the areas of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, in particular, locomotion field and rehabilitation. She is currently supervising 8 PhD thesis and has supervised 40 MSc thesis to completion. She is the author of more than 100 publications in ISI and Scopus international conferences and journals. Her research focus on the extension of the use of the dynamical systems theory to the achievement of more complex behavior for robots: generate locomotion for multi-dof robots; achieve cooperativity among multi-robots and learning. Recently her research interests focus on methods to characterize human motion and designing robots, and robot controllers for the rehabilitation of patients suffering from motor problems.